NHA TRANG BEACH VIETNAM -Tri Nguyen Aquarium Nhatrang Vietnam
Nha Trang Beach Informations

Tri Nguyen Aquarium Nhatrang Vietnam

Tri Nguyen Aquarium is located on Bong Nguyen Island, also called Hon Mieu Island, Nha Trang Bay; half an hour from Cau Da Port, Nha Trang City, Khanh Hoa Province.
Characteristic: It is a lake on the sea which people dam up with stone embankment. Hundreds of nice and precious marine creatures are bred in the lake, looking a real marine museum.

Visitors may take a walk around the lake or seating on the house close to the edge of the water, they can see many kinds of colorful sea-fish that live in the clear blue water of the lake.

In the island also has Bai San Beach, one of the beaches that are attractive to many visitors.

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